Creating your own OERs: Web Tutorials


At the core of my teaching philosophy is the underlying notion of equity in the human experience. I believe that all should be given access to learning and education, no matter their location in life. This will be done by staying current with new educational theories and practices and utilizing cutting edge technology in my course development and design (e.g. OERs). Being engaged in the learning process is important to me, not only as a part of the scholarly community at ESC but as a global educator.

OER Tutorial Video on ScreenCastOMatic from Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers on Vimeo.

I believe that OERs have the potential to raise the quality of teaching and learning in higher education and encourage a more collaborative and accessible environment for learners and instructors worldwide.

OER Tutorial Video on Blogger from Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers on Vimeo.

Over the past few years, I have developed a few OERs and have posted them on my Vimeo (, Open Learning webpages (, and to other academic websites (see References below). Most of these OERs have been incorporated into current studies I offer at ESC. During this time, I collected informal student surveys about the use of these OERs. Students have indicated that they enjoyed them and felt they added value to their studies with me; many suggested that being able to hear and see me present work provided them with another way to learn content at a distance.

To learn more, please visit my OPEN SUNY webpage on OER development titled “Fostering Creativity in Learning: How to Effectively Incorporate OERs into Assignments.

OER Tutorial Video on Photosynth from Dr. Rhianna C. Rogers on Vimeo.

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